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the FULL HOLISTIC facial

90 min, Using crystals, a pendulum to find imbalances, and a manual face lift all in one!

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 180 US dollars
  • Carrollwood

Service Description

A FULL HOLISTIC FACIAL. 90 min You chose the crystals and I massage, lift and tighten your face to achieve a glow inside and out! Your body will feel energized from all the modalities and techniques used - including tuning forks, facial reflexology, manual fascia release, lymophatic drainage, hot stones & more- ALL in one treatment! This facial is a comprehensive facial treatment where health and beauty go hand in hand. The treatment is therefore not only a natural facelift, but also has its effect on the entire body for a total body reset. . A pro-aging method that is much better than Botox . This full on facial massage is an integrated rejuvenation therapy. Visible results in relaxation of the fine lines, swelling, dark circles, and skin elasticity together with a TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER thanks to the reflexology portion - The face is a map of your body, by using a unique blend of the pressure points and strokes helps to clear noxious toxins, releasing tension and promotes flow of nutrients to the skin surface, while resetting the body parts. . Promotes fundamental change in the skin by clearing stagnation and accumulation in the channels, enabling renewal of lymph , activating circulation, Stimulating cell activity and regeneration of facial tissue. . In this treatment I use different techniques such as: releasing the fascia with the hands and crystals of choice, facial reflexology, lymph drainage and various other modalities and tools. . By increasing movement through massage and restoring inner mobility the skin is able to naturally clear toxins that cause acne, rosacea, puffiness, dark circles, hyperpigmentation & sensitivities. Benefits include (so many!!!): *Renew facial contour, tone & LIFT sagging skin *Reduce inflammation, puffiness & DARK CIRCLES *Brighten the complexion, create healthy radiant GLOW *Minimize fine lines & soften DEEP WRINKLES *Diminish BLEMISHES, redness & skin sensitivities *Stimulate CELL ACTIVITY, production of COLLAGEN & elastin *REGENERATE facial tissue, RESTORE vitality *Relieve TENSION, reduce pain *Enhances skin's ability to BREATH *Feeds skin & increases ability to absorb VITAL NUTRIENTS (prickly pear seed oil add on will add magic!) *Purify tissue, free accumulation of TOXINS & waste *Promotes muscle contraction, OXYGENATES skin *SOOTHES & vents the channel system *Regulates the FREE FLOW of Qi (life force) and blood

Contact Details

  • 1719 W Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, USA

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