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Nice To Meet You

My name is Adi Kaplan. I recently decided to follow my love and passion for natural & holistic wellbeing  and  became a certified Facial Reflexologist. Then, got a European Facial Cupping certification.


Went on to getting certified by Cicely Braden in Gua Sha and lastly took a Face Taping course for professionals - the Eastern European way. All top notch teachers for the best methods out there

These methods work wonders! They treat the body naturally while adding a cosmetic benefit – now who doesn’t love that?

How It All Started

I have a Masters in Industrial Engineering, but went a totally different direction. At the age of 40, when many of my friends decided to go the Botox way, I knew I was going to work my way into well-aging (I am not anti anything :-) ) and decided to go the NOtox way! I will do all I can to reduce my wrinkles, get a glow to my face and look great THE NATURAL WAY. Besides, every wrinkle I have - I earned with hard work :-) I love treating people. I love seeing results. And most of all - I love the compliments I get from my clients after each and every treatment. I would be happy to hear from you - feel free to ask, book or just share what's on your mind.

With lots of love and appreciation!


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As a fan of foot reflexology I was surprised to learn that there is also facial reflexology that treats the whole body through the face.
After Adi's treatment I felt as if my whole body got massaged with an added benefit of a natural facelift!
Such a great feeling!
Thank you Adi! ❤️

Orly B.

I came to Adi with a sleep problem,
Beyond that the treatment was soothing, pleasant and super professional
The night after I managed to sleep a whole night.
Adi, you are a professional, excellent holistic therapist and totally in your element-
Treating and healing people.
Thank you so much.

Suzanne G.

I had my first facial reflexology with Adi and let me tell you I felt like a million bucks afterwards. Adi is soft to the touch, gentle caring and precise. She knows all the pressure points of the face and was able to put me in a relaxed state of mind from start to finish. My skins was smoothie and wrinkle free by the end of session. I can’t wait to do another. I highly recommend!

Heidi S.

Search Facial Healing by Adi on Google for all my 5 star reviews

In the media

I love sharing and spreading the word about these amazing healing, pro aging and holistic cosmetic approaches.


Go Solo magazine

by Subkit

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On Israeli National TV

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