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All things Holistic Facials

Get a TIGHT & BRIGHT FACE while promoting overall health and wellness!

The Complete Ecosystem for Your Holistic Facial Wellness

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Experience a Best In-Class Facial Treatment

Decrease stress, relieve tension or simply relax with my holistic, targeted facial treatments - all personalized to support your needs.

Experience the benefits of facial reflexology, Gua Sha, facial cupping and book a facial party for your next girls night out.

Adi treating a client with gua sha
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Hi There! 
Nice To Meet You

My name is Adi Kaplan. I recently decided to follow my love and passion for natural & holistic wellbeing  and  became a certified Facial Reflexologist. Then, got a European Facial Cupping certification. 

Went on to getting certified by Cicely Braden in Gua Sha and lastly took a Face Taping course for professionals - the Eastern European way.

All top notch teachers for the best methods out there

These methods work wonders! They treat the body naturally while adding a cosmetic benefit – now who doesn’t love that?

How It All Started

I have a Masters in Industrial Engineering, but went a totally different direction! At the age of 40, when many of my friends decided to go the Botox way, I knew I was going to work my way into well-aging (I am not anti anything :-) ) and decided to go the NOtox way! I will do what I can to reduce my wrinkles, get a glow to my face and look great THE NATURAL WAY. Besides, every wrinkle I have - I earned with hard work :-)

I love treating people. I love seeing results. And most of all - I love the compliments I get from my clients after each and every treatment! I would be happy to hear from you - feel free to ask, book or just share what's on your mind

My face with all the tools I use

With lots of love and appreciation!


"I highly recommend facial reflexology treatments by Adi. It felt so amazing during and after the treatment. Such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. It made me feel so refreshed and full of energy. Adi is very professional, knowledgeable and attentive. Weather you seek to treat a condition or looking for a calm relaxing and renewing experience, this is the place to go! Looking forward to my next appointment!"

Sivan M.

"Adi was super awesome. From beginning to end. She explained everything on the phone and the day of the appointment was amazing. The room was very relaxing I came in feeling pretty down,and I left feeling like I was on a cloud. That night I had an amazing sleep and I woke up feeling so relaxed. My face wasn't puffy like it usually was, i was glowy and bright like my face was rejuvenated. My body and mind had this overall balance and calmness. I never have done anything like this before and I'm so glad I did. I'm definitely coming back. I also purchased the cupping tools and can't wait to use them! Adi even has videos on how to do the cupping at home. Thanks again Adi"

Alyssa M.


My happy customers are my best advocates!

"I decided to try the alternative healing method that Adi treats with due to different issues I had (fatigue and back pains). Not only was the treatment relaxing and nice but she also professionally explained everything she did so I could do some of the stuff she showed me at home. The next day I felt so much better. I definitely recommend to go to this for pleasure or even if you want to fix/detox your body! Also I wanted to add that after the treatment even my husband complimented on my facial complexion!"

Tammy S.

"I participated in Adi's Facial Cupping party. I went with my sister and we had no clue what we signed up for, other than it replaces botox And wow we were surprised to see how this really works!!! I have been doing facial cupping since, for a month now and get so many compliments!!
Highly recommended."

Sarit G.

"Adi’s caring and professional demeanor was immensely comforting. I highly recommend you seek her out for treatment! She steps in where conventional medicine is simply not enough to make you feel better. I recently went to her with pain from a sinus infection. The pain behind my eyes, head, and going to my ears was disrupting my work and daily life. Within a few minutes of the treatment, my congestion cleared up and after the session the pain went away."

Diana G.

"I've been to get wonderful facials a few times (very relaxing and lifting!) but this review is about the healing aspect. I had a hard time breathing and before going to urge t care called Adi to see if there's anything we can do before I go. She took me in and worked on lung areas on my face and after a good night sleep I woke up back to normal! Amazing!!!"

Miri  K.

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