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Set includes 1 large cup and 1 small cup


These are the best to start off your cupping journey. The suction you get will not be too strong so it's great for begginers.

Once you ace the technique, you can move on to the  double set or the advanced cupping set! 


PLEASE READ: Always start using a gentle suction technique (or the beginners silicone facial cups).

With practice your skin will become accustomed to cupping and you will soon be able to apply a stronger suction technique.

- Avoid leaving cups in the same spot as bruising may occur

- Keep them sliding across your skin.


Do not use Facial Cupping if you have:

Botox or filler in the area you are cupping, broken capillaries in the area you are cupping, very thin skin that bruises easily, open wounds, skin lesions, sores, or burns on your face and/or neck, multiple moles in the treatment area, or skin cancer

After a session, avoid:

Exposure to cold and windy weather, exposure to the sun, hot baths and showers, wearing makeup for at least 6 hours


**colors may vary

Basic facial cupping set

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  • Environmentally friendly silicone material, non-toxic

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